Headquartered in Baltimore, Klik Solutions is a managed IT service provider now providing services in the Baltimore-Washington, Austin and Central Texas, and Miami areas. While their services were solid, there were customers who weren’t satisfied with the resolution of some of their issues during the pandemic. Bill Pritchard, the former Director of Customer Success at Klik Solutions was driven to resolve this issue and establish Klik Solutions Help Desk as a top-tier service for their clients. He began delving deeply into the numbers and analyzing the data with meticulous attention. And the Klik data-driven journey began!

Bill harnessed data from various ConnectWise service products, including Manage, Automate, and SELL, to shed light on the Help Desk system’s strengths and weaknesses and to determine what was happening, what was and wasn’t working well, and how his team could be more efficient and successful in resolving customer service issues quickly and successfully.

Bill harnessed data

As his data exploration continued, his vision expanded and so did his team. To bolster his data efforts, Klik Solutions welcomed Masha Shapoval, providing invaluable data support and expertise in database management. Moreover, Bill sought out tools that could help Klik’s team visualize the data more effectively, making it accessible to those who needed to comprehend its insights.

Enter Tableau – a game-changer in the data journey. Bill and Masha explored how Tableau could transform their understanding of the data. Their collaboration thrived, combining Masha’s Tableau expertise with Bill’s business acumen and understanding of the industry. This collaboration, supported by Chief Technology Officer Roman Shraga and Klik Solutions Owner Arthur Olshansky, led to the creation of insightful dashboards and gauges that provide insight into staff utilization, maintenance of SLAs, and identification of recurring issues so that proactive measures can be taken to reduce or eliminate them. These dashboards now serve as a central element in our daily service management discussions, highlighting the significance of data within our culture. It has improved service delivery, resource utilization, and efficiency of the Help Desk overall.

Diversifying Our Horizons

With the “dream team” honing their data prowess, Bill, Roman, and Arthur contemplated extending their expertise to small and medium-sized businesses as a service. The leadership team devised a business model and pricing strategy, awaiting a proof of concept to validate their approach. After boasting the benefits of their newfound analytics, Klik found their proof of concept with an existing client. They had been providing managed IT services to this client, a prominent nationwide distributor, who heard about the things they were doing with their analytics and asked about the availability of this as an additional service. This marked the beginning of their Analytics as a Service (AaaS) journey.

Klik Solutions engaged in initial discussions with the company to explore the potential of data analytics in identifying key indicators and streamlining data retrieval processes for their team that was approaching data management with an intensely manual process. An initial assessment meeting kickstarted the proof of concept. In collaboration with their onsite data team, Bill and Masha were able to meticulously collect and integrate data into Tableau to address the client’s identified key indicators. Customized gauges were created, offering not only visually compelling representations of complex data sets but also the ability to delve deep into the numbers to pinpoint critical issues with a mouse click. The company witnessed the immense value of this data-driven project, prompting them to bring in senior staff for a presentation by Bill and Masha. The efficiency, visualizations, and data’s power sealed the deal, establishing a fruitful partnership centered around analytics as a service.

analytics as a service

Additionally, as remote work became increasingly prevalent, smaller companies sought solutions to measure employee productivity in comparison to their in-house counterparts. Bill’s exploration led him to discover another gem – ActivTrak. This tool, demonstrated to the customer and Klik’s Analytics team, offered a powerful combination of data visualization and efficient data collection. It became an indispensable resource for businesses aiming to enhance employee efficiency and productivity.

We also welcome Volodymyr Lesiv to our team.  Don’t let his charm fool you, as he is wickedly smart and has a skill set that includes coding, database management, and AI technology.  This addition adds great value to our existing team!

Where Are We Now?

Klik Solutions has launched Klik Analytics, a new branch of Klik’s offering Analytics as a Service (AaaS). Our streamlined process begins with a consultation with a Klik Solutions Advisor to understand your unique data analytics needs and set up a consultation with Bill Pritchard, Director of Analytics. After deciding to proceed, we then initiate an onboarding consultation to address logistical matters related to your data requirements. A comprehensive project plan is developed, followed by the implementation phase. Data is extracted from your sources, and Masha, Vova, and Bill work their “data magic” to create gauges and dashboards to showcase your critical data. Through collaborative calls, these dashboards are tested and eventually go live, providing real-time insights and analysis. They remain adaptable and scalable, tailored to your evolving data needs.

If you’re interested in partnering with our exceptional data analysts at Klik Solutions, reach out to our Solutions Advisors to schedule a consultation. Bill’s aspiration with Klik Analytics is to become a data evangelist, emphasizing the value of data-driven decisions and fostering a robust data culture, one business at a time. We believe your data has the potential to lead you to new horizons. What’s your destination?